Read2Grasp is a reading comprehension tool available on the web and as an app to help students use reading strategies to text code books and improve reading skills! Teachers can provide direct feedback to student devices!
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Read2Grasp™ is an app created by a teacher for students to text code books they read in class or at home! No more wondering if the students are understanding what they are reading. No more spending time trying to read all the text coded sticky notes or figuring out what to do with the sticky notes when the books have been read.

In Read2Grasp™, all text codes for each book are archived in the student’s account as the app is used during independent reading. Predictions, connections, questions, visualizing, citing important events, characters, etc. are just a few of the text codes that can be introduced by teachers in an instructional context or at home by parents and then used by the students while reading independently.

Students can also give their final opinions of the books they’ve read and rate the books in the class reviews section from which their peers can choose to read in the future.Students’ accounts are set up and monitored by the teacher or the parent and can be accessed anywhere anytime from their PCs.

Read2Grasp™ allows for feedback directly to the student’s Ipad by giving praise and a goal (stars and stairs), asking questions, or having a dialogue with the children about the book. Children are notified on their Ipads that they have received feedback and can read and respond as needed!

Since Read2Grasp™ was developed by a teacher to be used in classrooms with student personal devices, it takes into consideration best practices for instructing reading. It provides teachers and parents an opportunity to confer with students more often and assess their understanding of reading



We proudly present you read2grasp, a student and teacher friendly app for text coding which results in higher reading comprehension skills!

Good for Techer

Teacher Friendly

Helps teachers use technology in the classroom for personalized learning in more targeted and effective ways.

Best Practice of Read2Grasp™

Best Practice

App that supports the current teaching methods and best practices.

Read2Grasp™ saving time of teacher/parent

Saves Time

Avoid more spending time in trying to read all the text coded sticky notes or figuring out what to do with the sticky notes when the books have been read.

Read2Grasp™ making text coding easier

Text Coding

No more sticky notes! Now students can text code books in a more easy way and are accountable for their reading during independent reading time.

Read2Grasp™ sending notifications to teacher/parent and student

Feedback Feature

Students are notified on their iPads when they have received feedback from their teacher. They can read and respond as instructed!

Read2Grasp™ providing easy rating facility

Rating Facility

Students can also give their final opinions of the books they’ve read and rate the books in the class reviews section from which their peers can choose to read in the future.

Getting Started

Read2Grasp™ is easy to use.
Step 1:

Purchase a subscription plan that suits you the best.

Step 2:

Download the Read2Grasp™ app from the App Store for free via your child / student IPad.

Step 3:

You will make a username and password to log in on the Read2grasp website to create a student account.

Step 4:

Once logged in, you can create a class or an individual account depending on your subscription by creating usernames and passwords for your students or children at home.

Step 5:

Students or children at home log into the app on their iPads using the usernames and passwords you have created.

Step 6:

You are now ready to monitor your students' or children at home's reading and they are ready to read, read, read, and text code away!! Don't forget that you can provide feedback and they can write back to you!

Step 7:

A video tutorial will be emailed at the time of subscription purchase on how to use the different elements of the app and website!


So many parents ask "How can I help my child read more books?" or "How can I help my child become a better reader?" Parents can see their child reading diligently as part of reading homework/reading logs or just setting good habits for them to become life long readers but do they really know if their child understands what they are reading. Interacting with your child while they are reading independently at home to check for understanding is hard sometimes because of time constraints. Read2Grasp solves this problem! Now you can monitor your child's reading and help to build understanding in an easy and convenient way by mirroring reading strategies used at school! (See Getting Started) Simply log in to the website and monitor your child's reading from any where any time and give feedback about your child's understanding of the book directly to the child's iPad.

Read2Grasp™ is a great app to use on vacations, summer holidays, snow days, and with children book clubs! So many ways to use and a great way to help your child increase reading comprehension!

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Read2Grasp™ is currently only iPhone / iPad compatible. Please view and download app via the iPhone / iPad.

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